AG | Iran Water Futures

Iran Water Futures represents a long obsession with futuristic images of Iran, affected by issues connected to water; Sea-level-rise, politics of water, shortage of drinking water, food and agriculture, etc.
Back in 2011, I led a team of architecture students to think of sea-level-rise in the Persian Gulf and how architecture might address the issue. Since those days, the politics of water have become more severe. With scientific projections of water shortage in the foreseeable future, sections of more conservative politicians in the country have spread skepticism of the findings themselves. This has made the water an issue of national security for the authority. In my later projects of AG and SAMAB (the latter I facilitated in a workshop), I showed how the emerging and existing technologies and sociopolitical situations paring with the contentious issue of water in the country, may lead to new means of societal control and class distinction.

AG (Ab Gostaran, translates to Water Distributors in Farsi) is a fictional corporate name set in a future when the scarcity of freshwater pushed the government to stop the distribution of tap water. The company monopolized the extraction of the water mainly through manual labor and militias in the high-altitude regions. They also have a major role in the distribution of drinking water, where they offer a variety of services including on-demand drinking water that would be delivered by drones.
This scenario suggests a socio-economic future where all aspects of daily life are affected by the scarcity of water and the ways you consume water shows the class one represents in society.