Post-Covidesque Worlds

This is an ongoing project I am working on Since March first 2020. It was initially called “Post-COVID-19 Worlds.” Older pieces and thoughts are near the bottom of this post. I’m currently working on a proper way to format these fragmented bits of information. Looking forward to receiving your comments. Thank you! Defining Features April […]

Tehran Now!

Will Design Save Tehran Workshop Report Tehran Data Narrate Workshops Report (Fa Only) “Tehran Now!” is a project to think of products, services, and platforms that may prevent Tehran’s apocalyptic futures. This project is an umbrella project that can define and accomplish a series of workshops, studios, projects and other collaborations within itself. All activities […]


spaceXile is a fictional corporate name, established in a post-capital punishment future. The main objective of the company is to send former death-row inmates to outer space missions in order to keep them separate from society as well as providing free labor for exploration and experiments on human inhabitation in outer space. The prisoners deployed […]


The project DeltaCulture focuses on futures of agriculture in the post-sea-level-rise era. The current trend of global warming will cause a worldwide rise in sea levels. Since the lands currently cultivated are often in low grounds, there are higher chances of losing these grounds. In the same time with the growth of population demand for […]

Sky Domes

If one rises to the height of Manhattan skyline, Sky Domes can open a dialogue box between Manhattan and Fresh Kills park. For the people in sky-scrappers, the park will be a visual background for the high-rise Manhattan. On the other hand, for viewers inside the park, the towers will play the same role. Sky […]

Floating Scrapers

FloatingScrapers proposes shading over Lake Orumiyeh as a fictional means to cover it from evaporation. The solution, though seems unrealistic in the beginning, can be elaborated using deferent design strategic methods. The project will be able to improve tourism in the area as well as function as an incredible hotel. The basic idea of a […]

Tehran Image Tower

The Idea of a giant four-sided billboard began with observing the urban environmental advertisings. Advertising in the recent economics of Tehran is turned to a non-negligible part of everyday life. The corporate profits skyrocket after they advertise their products on billboards in crowded areas. The bigger the billboard, the company can show off more of […]

Life in Desert

The project proposes a new entertainment in the shifting-sand deserts of Maranjab, Iran. It consists of a hotel with box shaped, personal units. The boxes will later be transferred to shifting sands using a tower crane. On the desert, the box will sink into the sands before it is brought back by the crane. While […]