Floating City

With the great examples of speculative work by Archigram (i.e. Walking City, Plugin City, etc.) in mind, we, a group of young architecture studients tried to address the future of sea-level-rise in the Persian Gulf. How will the sea-level-rise, caused by manmade activities affect the life in population centers around the Gulf? How a speculative and futuristic mega-structure may address the problem and provoke about a non-preferable, but still preventable future? What services this floating city will provide? And finally, how such a superstructure will look like?
Many years later, when I was tasked to facilitate a workshop at Tehran Urban Innovation Lab (TUIC) I met this issue
once again. The panel consisted of experts and authorities in the environment-related fields. We discussed futures of global warming in the context of Iranian geography. The discussion led to multiple scenarios for the future of population distribution in Iran.

Team Members: Iman Amini, Delaram Zarnegar and Alireza Houbakht

Projected Sea-level Rise, The Persian Gulf