Residential Complex

One of the main problems while living in Residential complexes is that you can not mention where your own HOME is when you are out. There is some kind of identity problem in the facade of such projects. This project offers a unit-based system which gathers duplexes around a main, central atrium in a way the residents can use the public spaces such as a runway, children parks, etc. Units are all the same, though because they are separated, future changes can be made to personalize a home for its owners and solve the mentioned problem. Now they can show their unique home by their fingertips even when they are out of the project.

The Residential Complex located in northern Tehran tries to deal with a paradox of identity in housing complexes. While the price of real estate is extremely high in the neighborhood, the quality of apartments is relatively low. There is a major problem to increase the living quality. Homeowners cannot point to where their house really is. They simply can’t own the visual properties to indicate their property. If one tries to design visual differences to identify different parts of the building, the cost of design and construction will dramatically increase. This increase of the cost comes from disobeying mass production.

This project modulates duplex residential blocks into window shaped concrete boxes, the result of which is a decrease in construction cost. This efficiency will allow the designer to place multiple green and public spaces in between the blocks. This strategy will also provide an illusion of uniqueness since everyone can point to their own piece of property. Residents can also later modify interior colors to personalize their homes.

The project also provides a huge glass atrium that separates inside from outside and creates a micro-climate. Humidity will be controlled by an artificial falling water inside the atrium and temperature will be controlled by the greenhouse effect and the chimney effect during winter and summer relatively. The atrium is regarded as a giant greenhouse that would conceptually mean home to residents for which their houses are windows.



Plans Of Residential Duplex Units (RDU); Living floor and Sleeping floor