Sky Domes

If one rises to the height of Manhattan skyline, Sky Domes can open a dialogue box between Manhattan and Fresh Kills park. For the people in sky-scrappers, the park will be a visual background for the high-rise Manhattan. On the other hand, for viewers inside the park, the towers will play the same role. Sky Domes are clustered to make a wind farm. When the Sky Domes landed on the ground we will have a Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI).

In 2012, Fresh Kills Landfill site, located in Staten Island, NYC, was the site for Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) design competition. The objective of the project was to design land art project with regards to renewable energy.

In comparison to Manhattan, another New York City borough, Staten Island lacks high-rise urban monuments. When looking towards Manhattan, the urban landscape provides a unique background. This is the feature that is missing in a view from lower Manhattan to Staten Island. Via using flying, colorful turbines, Sky Domes help to provide this quality for the city as well as helping the Fresh Kills site to function as an urban gathering site.

Each Sky Dome approximately has 20 lens wind turbines; therefore, with 50 Sky Domes, we would have a wind farm with a capacity of 100 MW. It can supply 50,000 houses’ electricity consumption. The Sky Domes will fly like a kite in the sky by wind power and it is controllable via its lens wind turbines. As the wind blows it turns the rotor and generates electricity. The lens wind turbines also can change the pitch of their blades to land or take off.

Team Members: Iman Amini, Delaram Zarnegar, Alireza Houbakht, Setareh Sedghi,Amin Amini